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City Lunch Club

City Lunch Club is an online lunch subscription service that we recently successfully developed.

In today’s hasty world, the majority of us are too busy to even think about taking care of our nutritional needs and we often opt for the most convenient meal option available, regardless of its health value, especially when we’re at work. Think that eating healthily at an affordable price is impossible?

A startup from New-York – City Lunch Club – is already challenging that notion. Their concept is simple: you subscribe to their service according to how many meals per week you require (from one to five), log in to the site in the morning and choose the meal you would like delivered to your workplace from the three options available. It couldn’t be simpler. No more wracking your brain about what to eat for lunch or wasting time trekking around the city searching for a suitable option… This way you keep it simple. You keep it healthy. Prices range from $10.99 per day for the five-day option to $12.99 per meal for the one meal per week subscription.

Our team was super excited to work on this project. What can be better than being involved in a growing initiative that has a lot of potential? Long before the project was complete we could see that a number of people had already registered their interest by subscribing to receive notifications as soon as the site was formally launched.

We implemented a responsive design on all pages with great care so that users can use the service from any device and the proportions of the website automatically change according to the device on which the site is viewed. This ensures that the application is user friendly for people on the go.

CLC rapidly became a concept that everyone was talking about. Within just a few months since its launch the site has already attracted more than 2,500 subscribers and followers.

Josh and Andrew, American entrepreneurs and CLC founders, have been successfully working with A2 Design since 2009 on other projects, so they certainly aren’t new to our services.

The project is launched but our work is certainly not over. We keep actively evolving the service and adding new features to the site.

Josh and Andrew are currently working hard to gain feedback from early adopters, grow the number of enrolled restaurants and plan new features.  We wish them the best of luck in this exciting venture.

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