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Here at A2 Design we are fully aware that effective communication and organization is the key to delivering a successful project. That’s why we use a range of different tools to help us organize our work.


Communication is crucial during the software development process. Besides phone and email, we also use Skype, which makes it easy to hold group calls and share links and files.

Join.Me  allows us to organize simple fast online meetings with clients in any corner of the world. This platform also incorporates screen sharing technology that allows us to provide our customers with the latest view of what we are working on.

Basecamp provides a project management tool through which we can track and follow the progress of the project. Instead of sending emails, we like to use Basecamp to facilitate discussions between customers and our team. This keeps all project information in one place and makes it easy to catch up on updates.


Sharing documents & ideas

Google Docs is our tool of choice for collaboratively working on documents. If you have never previously used this system, imagine a word processor in a browser that you can use together with other people in real time. We use it as a total replacement for Microsoft Word.

Trello is a collaboration tool that helps to get things done. Action items are added as cards and dragged across stages. This tool is so flexible and easy to use that it can be used to solve many different problems.

Mock-ups and prototyping

Prototypes provide an extremely effective way of communicating ideas. They are also cost effective too, as creating a prototype takes much less time than developing a full software application.

There are lots of great tools available that make prototyping a joy. With a few clicks of the mouse, using arrows, buttons and boxes, simple systems like Balsamiq Mockups or Online Vector Based Mockup offer us the ability to effortlessly create a prototype.


Time Tracking

We use agile software development and bill clients hourly. We use Harvest to track every minute spent on your project. This great tool allows us to create detailed reports at any time. We believe in total transparency and accountability.

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Issue & Project Tracking Software

Bugs are an inevitable element of software systems and many different issues may emerge during the development phase. Issues need to be found, tracked, fixed and retested. Without an effective bug tracking system and process in place, things will get out of control very quickly. DoneDone and JIRA are essential tools to track bugs.


Work on Code

GitHub or BitBucket are hosting for version control systems (VCS). They keep track of all changes in the source code so that later, during system maintenance, it will be easier to understand who wrote a particular piece of code, when and why. Also, keeping all source code in VCS enables multiple developers to collaborate on the project together without overwriting one another’s changes.

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Mix and match

Here at A2 Design we have tested and evaluated hundreds of different tools, but those outlined above are the ones that we tend to use the most. It’s highly unlikely that we will use every single one of these tools on your project; depending on the project scope and client requirements we will select those that we think will offer the greatest value to the project.

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