We develop web startups.
From prototype to launch.


City Lunch Club

Daily lunch delivery service

Subscription based lunch delivery service. This is a technically complex application, which has different user groups, recurring payments, intelligent clustering of customers per restaurant based on address.

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Students and tutors matching portal

Fox Tutors has been created with the idea of connecting tutors with students. Students and parents use the website to find the right tutor for their needs.
We designed and built this website from ground up. It has features like marketing tools, private messages, fraud detection system, paid subscriptions, rating system, geographic search.

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Social media hub platform

A SaaS platform that allows businesses and individuals to create social hubs in minutes. Built-in tools allow to easily customize the look and content of the created pages.
The platform engages audience anywhere thanks to three simple steps: aggregating social media, displaying the needed content on customers' websites, attracting customers attention.

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Document Managment System

Shredex System was created with an idea to build a paperless business automation system that helps an enterprise manage and automate their business. The system deals with different aspects of business and accountancy such as customer accounting, orders records, issuing invoices, payment control and creation of all sorts of records.

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Building project's reviews website

The process is simple for users, looking to find the most suitable contractor to build their house: read builders’ reviews, search for a specific builder and see what his ranking is. Homeowners can then pick who they like based on reviews and ask the builder to provide a quote. After completion of the project, the homeowner can post a review and even pictures of the completed project.

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Our Approach

Launch fast, stay lean

We believe every startup should minimize time to market time.

Firstly, you don't want to waste lots time and money on something that might not get traction.

What is more important, the sooner you launch the sooner you will collect feedback from early adopters. This is huge! It changed directions of more projects than you can think.

Our main goal: success
of the start up

All we do is aligned with this main goal.

This is not just some marketing bullshit. Success of your project means more work for us in a future and something to brag about.

Build, release, repeat...

We advocate for small development iterations, because:

  • project will be launched faster, more money will be saved for marketing
  • direction can be changed easily,
    as next iteration can have any features
  • it is easy to start, as you need to
    plan only small chunk of work
  • it provides better results, as you
    don't plan entire project when you
    know the least about it

Who does what

You do

Come up with grand idea

Prioretize features


We do together

Brainstorm on implementation

Decide what iteration will include

We do

Estimate features

Design and build 1 iteration

Set up server and deploy the system



Different phase, different skills

As project develops it need a different mix of skills. For example,
at the very beginning it needs more planning and less testing.

We provide the right balance of skills for each phase of the
project, keeping things as lean as possible.

Business minded nerds

We love working with start ups. Having worked with many
start ups we collected vast knowledge of what works and what
doesn't. Starting from sign up flow to different monetization

Our primary expertise is web development though. And this
is something we really good and enjoy.

Our development team participate in open source projects,
go to conferences and deeply connected with web
development community.

Our set up as of today

3 co-founders found the company
1 person brings new clients
2 persons manage projects
18 people develop web apps
3 people assure quality

Great English Skills

English language is not the first language for most of our guys.

We bring English tutor a few times a week to our office to
ramp up English skills of our team.


Most of our clients are goal oriented, knowing what they need to archieve at different stages of the projects.
Majority of them live in US, Canada, UK or Australia, with a few exceptions of course.
They don't mind to talk us at mornings or evening time, if they live in US or Canada.
They are definitely organized well... You just have to be when work with remote team.
In the beginning work on the project in a spare time, having main job or business.
They have some idea how to market project once it is ready for that.


  • The design and manufacture of our website by A2 Design far out weighed any expectations we ever had. With exceptional communication on every level, these guys really thought about what they were doing. Professional suggestions on every aspect of the site from graphics to database design and functionality has taken our dream to an online masterpiece. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending a2design to any person wanting a website built.

    Ben & Simon Peacock

  • Great Service, Great Price, Great team, excellent job, 10-stars! Guys at A2 team are very responsive and attentive, real pros of their business. A real eye opener to what service and quality should be I will be using them for all future projects from now on!

    Jonathan Delacruz

    Universal Tint

  • Great team, excellent job, 10-stars! The team is very responsive and attentive, real pros of their business. They had shown in-depth knowledge of web technologies. The company provides services that are hard to match. Always responsive with no delays rather than time difference. This was my second project with them and I would want no one else to work on my other projects.

    Dan Kogan

  • Working with Alex made my "let's build a functional, attractive website" idea a breeze. He always returned my emails and calls promptly, and easily answered all my questions about this process. Most importantly, the final product came out exactly as I had envisioned it. Having worked with other designers before, it was so refreshing to work with someone as professional, intelligent, and responsive as guys at A2 Design. I would recommend working with them without hesitation.

    Kevin A. Sabet

  • Very fast and effective work, met all my expectations and much more. A very competent team, who I definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much!

    John Borchelt



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