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Project Quality: How We Manage It

Any entrepreneur knows that it requires a good team and a lot of effort to deliver a product to the market. It is quality management that guarantees your team’s efforts to meet the project goals.
In this article, we would like to introduce the process that we follow to make sure the market meets your product at its best.

Quality management: what is it?

When people use the word “Quality,” they usually mean “good”.
When you hire a company/specialist to build a high-quality digital product, you often think of it in terms of good/bad, convenient/inconvenient etc. When we come to splitting these terms into details with regards to a particular product, we understand that in fact there are lots and lots of “minor” things that altogether have a great impact on product quality.
A product owner / manager / developer has a vision of what a good product should be, but it is a QA & QC engineer who sees the details behind it. This specialist can define particular issues, as well as foresee them on initial stages of project development. 

Thus, it requires special management to make sure that the market sees the product you deliver as simply GOOD. 

What quality management means for your business

We believe that good QM works for both short-term and long-term perspectives.
In the short-run, a product will be launched smoothly.
In the long-run, the impact that QM has will be observed through the relationship between a business and its clients. Today’s market is overwhelmed with offers and clients are picky when it comes to services. They do not give a second chance to unusable apps because it is obvious that there are well-developed competitive offers.

When does a project require it?

It can be surprising, but the correct answer is ALWAYS. More than 10-years experience in web development proved that the best approach to quality management is applying different activities on each stage of project growth to ensure the result corresponds to quality standards.

Project planning

Requirements analysis

A QA expert can start foreseeing issues already at this stage and let the team and client know about better options to develop a particular feature.

Quality planning

Following the client’s priorities, a QA engineer chooses a testing strategy and picks up different methods and techniques that they will use to support further development. QA team actively uses test design techniques that help to focus on the main by creating test cases based on agreed expectations.

Project development

Quality assurance

Daily work with already existing issues and the ones that can be foreseen takes most of a QA engineer’s time.

Project launch

Quality control

It is always a good idea to double-check that the product is launch-ready by running regression tests on a staging platform and going through regression checklists on the live server.

A QA engineer is a person who has the last word confirming that the platform is ready for users.

Project support

Quality improvement

There is always a way to make things even better. While working on a project we often pick up some improvements for post-launch, and a QA engineer is usually good at pointing out to some more things to be polished or added.

What tools do we use?

It goes without saying that we need helpful tools to run quality checks for digital products. Each project is unique and sometimes we pick up new tools according to project-specific features. However, the basic stack that we trust remains the same in most cases.

It goes without saying that we need helpful tools to run quality checks for digital products. Each project is unique and sometimes we pick up new tools according to project-specific features. However, the basic stack that we trust remains the same in most cases.

Look from the inside

We are eager to introduce devoted specialists from A2 QM department. I think the best way to learn something about a person is by asking about their life and professional goals. So, we asked our engineers how they see the purpose of their work. Please, find their answers below!

Alena Maydantseva

“The main goal for me is to control the product quality, define issues and vulnerabilities specific for the system by using approaches and methodology that the modern specialists suggest. In addition, it is essential for me to develop skills and expand my knowledge in the professional area.”

Vladimir Stupnikov

“Let me be as banal as possible here – the main goal that a QA & QC engineer aims at is to define issues and by this make a product better.”

Violet Belokon

I try my best to investigate a product so that I can define issues and transfer their essence to the developers for us to find the best solution as a team.
As a result, the product quality goes up, users feel more comfortable with it, etc.”

Alexander Gruzdev

“As a video game lover, I appreciate authentic experience. I use a similar approach while testing products on different devices.”

Valeria Sablina

“I think one of the goals of a QA & QC engineer is to team up with developers and make a product bug-free together. It is essential to reach this goal without arguments and misunderstanding. Sometimes a developer thinks that this or that issue is so minor that it’s not worthy of spending time and efforts. In this case, you should put well-thought reasoning behind your viewpoint so that the product is improved without superfluous pressure and anxiety.
To put it in a nutshell, it is essential to make a good team where people make steps towards each other to deliver a great product.”

Updated 24th May 2023