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At A2 Design, we help brands navigate the digital landscape by creating user and customer experiences that deliver tangible business results through engaging UIs.

A2 Design's strategy and UX team create intuitive, customized solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

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Our UI/UX Design Services

A2 Design's product design team aims to create beautiful, efficient interfaces—ones that touch users on both a rational and emotional level. They should connect users with the brand while also being functional enough for them to perform operations in 1–2 clicks.

Human Centered Design

By understanding the user and their needs, human-centered design allows you to develop tailor made solutions that take into account how people interact with your product.

Iterative Design

Continuous prototyping, testing, and refining allows designers to produce a highly customizable product. This approach establishes clarity early in development—giving stakeholders visibility of progress.

Cross-Platform Experience

Consumers are constantly switching between devices as they engage with services on the move. Creating a seamless experience across multiple platforms is key to delivering a truly modern user experience.


A good understanding of the product and market you're serving is crucial to achieving product-market fit quickly.

UX Design

Research-based design can help you satisfy your users, starting with mockups and usability audits and ending with measurable improvements for your product.

UI Design

Design a consistent, emotional style of communication with your customers.

High-fidelity Prototype Development

To build future apps, we create high-fidelity wireframes that demonstrate the app’s behavior. This pixel-perfect imitation of the final product without code gives you an idea of the user flow.

Mobile App UX and UI Design

We create user interface and user experience designs for mobile apps that balance familiarity with Android and iOS conventions and the uniqueness of your app.

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The A2 Design client return rate is high, and our App Design Team’s great work is one of the reasons why. Companies who have worked with us come back praising our designers’ work as well as development team's ability to implement it.

Our Product Design team prioritizes

We will improve your existing interface, rather than creating something from scratch. If you don’t have any visual assets yet—no problem! We will simply adapt the current screens to suit the new functionality.

Our UI and UX product design team will help you create essential branding elements and build a complete interface.

A2 Design designers and developers synchronize development and design architectures

We make sure that the information, functionality, and design elements are compatible with one another. Our product design and development team builds scalable software systems designed to grow as your business expands.

Strong collaboration between product design and development departments ensures that our work is well-built from the ground up.

We are transparent and open to sharing

Our designers gladly share their best practices, artifacts, and toolsets. You can easily reuse the design practices of A2 Design's team in your next project.

A2 Design conducts detailed consults and research before the cooperation

At the start of our relationship, you will have a clear understanding of your project's goals and deliverables.

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Expertly-Matched Talent

We assemble expert teams of software developers, UX/UI designers, project and product managers from our global talent network to meet your business needs.

Product Designer

Establishes a vision for a compelling product, supported by years of experience and UX/UI knowledge.

Frontend Developer

Continually modifies the application's graphical interface to accommodate new browsers and portable devices.

Backend Developer

In charge of ensuring that background business computations and logic are not interfered with by modifications to the technology stack.


Guarantees the application's high quality and identifies any ambiguities early on in the development process to prevent greater and more expensive issues and blunders later.

Project Manager

Carries out the entire process while keeping an eye on what's most crucial for you and your company.

Mobile Developer

Specialises in building apps for Google's Android, Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone platforms.

UI/UX Design Services for any Stage of your App’s Life Cycle

Great design is an iterative process of continually improving your product until it’s exactly right. With the right tools and methodologies, you can validate ideas more effectively—optimize processes so they work even better—and successfully bring new digital products to market.

1. Discovery and Ideation

It’s important to build a product that people want and need. Our collective experience will help make sure your product meets this goal from the beginning.

The discovery phase allows you to test your software product as a prototype before spending resources on mass production.

2. UX/UI Design

UX design translates business needs into actual solutions by creating interactive, clickable wireframes that can be tested with users and then made beautiful through custom UI design.

This will help you increase the value of your app and drive key metrics, such as conversion rates or customer satisfaction scores.

Beautiful, modern, responsive, accessible user interfaces are the bread and butter of our Product Designers. Using best practices in the area of interface design, along with a keen sense of aesthetics, your product will be pleasing to the eye and represent your brand perfectly.

3. Software Product Development

After the product design looks really good, it's time to turn the concept into a digital reality.

Working on software products and keeping them secure requires staying current with cutting-edge technology.

With our agile custom software development process, the team is able to respond more quickly to rapidly changing technologies by releasing early and making changes along the way.

4. Maintenance and Support

At A2 Design, we offer a variety of maintenance services to ensure your software product runs smoothly over time.

5. Further Development

We continue to revise and improve the software after it launches, revising our methods as we go. We fix errors whenever they occur and add new features based on user input from performance indicators.

80% of our clients work with us
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We wanted to automate our business and reduce administrative costs. A2 Design developed multiple components for us: Sales CRM, mobile drivers app, invoicing and dispatching modules, and much more. A2 used agile approach to cater for our ever-changing and growing needs and developed a software that allowed us to face everyday challenges! They were very helpful so the project was very successful.

John Estrada


First of all I'm very satisfied. Words can not express my satisfaction and the professional work from Alex, the head of A2 Design Team. But not only the work was superb, the contact, the conversations, the UNDERSTANDING and the good portion of humanity was the key to successful job. Next time I don't need to look, I already found the right person for every job. RESPECT!

John Macintosh


Very fast and effective work, met all my expectations and much more. A very competent team, who I definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much!

Andrew Hersch

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