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We specialize in agile software development for startups.

Our team of professionals has experience working with startups across various industries, and we are committed to helping startups achieve success by providing tailored software development services that meet their unique needs and goals.

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Software Development Services we Provide for Startups

Whether you're the founder of a startup or a consultant for a startup accelerator seeking for a reliable technical partner, we're here to help.

Utilize the skills of the A2 Design team in software development services to launch your startup. We can help you every step of the way, whether you need a prototype to get funding, an MVP to validate your startup product, or a full-fledged solution built from the ground up.

Discovering Stage

A2 Design focuses on understanding the startup's concept, the product's market, and the problem our client wishes to solve. To ensure that the right software solution is developed, we advise our startup clients to start with the discovery stage and thoroughly analyze the idea, develop requirements, assess potential challenges, and find solutions.

Startup Product Prototyping

We analyze target market needs, product ideas, and client requirements and implement them in prototypes during the discovery stage of the startup software development process. A prototype is a physical representation of a product concept in digital form. A project idea is brought to life through prototypes.

Startup MVP Creation

As a startup software development company, we start most of our projects by creating minimum viable products. In fact, we believe in the Minimum Valuable Product concept. An MVP must be cost-effective, contain key features, and be appealing to the target audience in order for a startup to gain early traction.

New Features Development

We are not only a software development company for early-stage startups, but also for scaling startups looking to expand their existing functionality. As a result, we not only develop custom startup software solutions from scratch, but we also work with existing MVPs to fix issues and launch new solutions.

Startup Software Development Throughout the Lifecycle

We provide full-stack startup software development services such as determining the best technology solutions, architecture design, UI and UX services, project management, front-end, back-end, quality assurance, and lifelong maintenance and support. All you need is an idea to make it happen.

Rescue Mission for Startups

If you need to rebuild or improve your software, you can use our startup rescue services.

If fixes aren't enough, we can provide our startup software development services: code audits with improvement plans, add new functionality, or even completely rebuild your product.

After a previous vendor fails, clients frequently turn to us for a dependable software development partner.

We understand startup culture and the most common issues that arise. What's more, we know how to deal with them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Technologies we Use

We bring ideas, people, and technology together, resulting in the creation of game-changing startup products.


  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Mongo
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean


  • React Native
  • Firebase


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript

UI/UX Design:

  • Figma
  • Balsamiq


  • Selenium
  • Playwright
  • PHPUnit


  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Google Meet
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets

Software Development Process for Startups

We use a tried-and-true methodology to develop a working MVP for your startup based on your product vision and market demands.

1. Exploration Phase

This phase is intended to finalize requirements, identify pitfalls, and create the necessary assets for a startup software development team to help you save money. It is necessary to work closely with you to approve wireframes, a user journey, and to review functionality in the specification.

2. Product Design

Product design that is both intuitive and captivating is half the battle. Before starting a development we create a design concept with business goals in mind after immersing ourselves in your startup product strategy. After that we begin working on the prototype based on the wireframes.

3. Development

We develop a startup MVP from the ground up to assist you in determining product-market fit in the real world. It's a quick and proven method for producing a quality product at a low cost. We work on any type of project, including web and mobile software development for Android, iOS, and cross-platforms.

4. Launch

With years of experience releasing software products, we'll make all of the final preparations to get your startup up and running. Our startup software development team will handle it quickly and in accordance with industry best practices.

5. Continuous Growth

Initial launch is not the ultimate goal. We'll assist you in rolling out software updates and new features based on your tests, assumptions, and KPIs. Our primary goal is to assist you in capturing the greatest market share possible.

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Agile Software Development for Startups

Agile-built products are more adaptable to changes, which makes it ideal for software development for startups.

Not sure if Scrum or Kanban is a better approach to building your startup software?
Worry not. We use a hybrid methodology called Scrumban that brings the best practices from Scrum and Kanban together.

Scrumban combines the structure of Scrum with the flexibility and visualization of Kanban, making it a highly versatile approach to startup development management.

We use key metrics to measure the success of our startup software development team. These metrics assist us in ensuring project health, ensuring team performance, adhering to the development plan, and identifying risks and the need for changes early on.

Sprint Burndown

The sprint burndown chart is the traditional way of representing progress within a sprint. It displays the number of hours remaining for each day of the sprint to complete the stories planned for the current sprint.

This metric enables us to manage startup development project health and stay on track.

Team Velocity

Our product managers track the velocity of teams and individual team members. This ensures that your startup development project is on track and that we will be able to deliver the expected results within the timeframes.

Software Quality

The feature is only complete when it has passed all tests and meets all customer requirements. That is why we take a sophisticated approach to tracking and analyzing actionable metrics, ranging from test coverage to customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Using a consistent customer satisfaction metric and measuring it for each release shows whether the scrum team is meeting its end goal of providing value to customers.

Featured Software Development Projects for Startups

Our team of experienced developers specializes in building custom software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of startups. From MVP development to building scalable web and mobile applications, our team has the expertise to deliver high-quality software products that are both efficient and cost-effective.

React.js React Native Node.js Ruby on Rails WordPress
Online Tutoring Marketplace

TutorTime is an Australian based tutoring marketplace founded by team of expert educators.

The marketplace allows you to choose an individual tutor for any subject within the school curriculum, as well as extracurricular leisure activities (sports, art).

The Tutoring Marketplace is available through the web interface and through mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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Laravel Agile ReactJS React Native WordPress
A Pet Sitting Community

MadPaws is a Sydney-based pet services startup. 6 members of the A2 Design team are currently working with the Mad Paws team to develop the main site backend (Laravel framework), frontend, blog (WordPress CMS), and mobile applications (React Native framework).

Raised $5 million of investments through Series A funding from investors including Qantas, and Airtasker CEO Tim Fung.

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Laravel jQuery Responsive Agile
Tours and activity services

Subscription based lunch delivery service. A technically complex web application that incorporates different user groups, recurring payments, and intelligent clustering of customers per restaurant based on address.

The CityLunchClub web application provides a consistent user experience across multiple screens – laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s surprising how many companies still underestimate the importance of this feature. CityLunchClub didn’t, and as a result, their sales increased.

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80% of our clients work with us
for more than one year


We wanted to automate our business and reduce administrative costs. A2 Design developed multiple components for us: Sales CRM, mobile drivers app, invoicing and dispatching modules, and much more. A2 used agile approach to cater for our ever-changing and growing needs and developed a software that allowed us to face everyday challenges! They were very helpful so the project was very successful.

John Estrada


First of all I'm very satisfied. Words can not express my satisfaction and the professional work from Alex, the head of A2 Design Team. But not only the work was superb, the contact, the conversations, the UNDERSTANDING and the good portion of humanity was the key to successful job. Next time I don't need to look, I already found the right person for every job. RESPECT!

John Macintosh


Very fast and effective work, met all my expectations and much more. A very competent team, who I definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much!

Andrew Hersch

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad to answer your questions about our startup development services.

  • How do I know if I need custom software development for my startup? >
    If you're struggling to find off-the-shelf software that meets your specific business needs, or if you have a unique startup idea for a product or service that requires custom software development, then you need to partner with a custom software development company.
  • How long does custom software development take? >

    The timeline for custom software development can vary widely depending on the scope of the project.

    Generally, small to medium-sized projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, while larger and more complex projects may take six months or more to complete.

    Drop us a line at to discuss your unique requirements.

  • What are the steps involved in custom software development? >
    At A2 Design, we follow a proven methodology that involves requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance and support. Each of these steps is critical to the success of the project, and we work closely with your startup to ensure that the software we built meets and exceeds expectations.
  • What is agile software development, and is it right for my startup? >

    Agile software development is a methodology that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. It can be a great fit for startups that need to quickly develop and deploy new software solutions to keep up with evolving market demands.

    At A2 Design, we have experience with agile development methodologies, and we work closely with our clients to determine the best approach for their unique business needs.

  • What is the pricing strategy? >

    We follow the Time & Materials method.

    You can pay as you go. It is ideal for startups who want to define the feature list but are unsure about the overall goals. You only pay for the development time a team spends working on a project.

  • How can I ensure the security of my custom software? >

    Ensuring the security of your custom software is essential for protecting your business and your customers' data.

    At A2 Design, we take a security-first approach to software development and employ best practices such as regular vulnerability assessments, secure coding practices, and encryption protocols to ensure that our clients’ apps are protected.

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