Quality Assurance Services

We use only the most advanced testing tools and provide complete quality assurance for our web and mobile applications.

By partnering with us, we can ensure a smooth delivery of your project—backed by our extraordinary talent and systems.

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Our Quality Assurance Services

We offer a wide range of software testing and QA services for both web and mobile applications. Our long-term experience and advanced technologies let us provide top-notch testing services and create complex solutions to provide the high quality of your software.

Automated Testing

The software goes through Regression, Load, Repeated Execution and Performance tests. This is feasible in case of long-term projects that require more than 3 cycles—so as to check actual results against expected ones.

Manual Testing

We provide a full range of manual testing services, including exploratory and usability testing for projects at the beginning stages or that are short-term.

Mobile Testing

We ensure that your app will work on a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

API Testing

Our QA specialists have extensive experience testing APIs and ensure that they are easy to use, secure, and bug-free with other software.

Agile Testing

Immediate implementation and constant verification of the reliability and stability of software, so that a new version can be released safely.

Performance Testing

Performance testing services ensure that an application responds quickly and is stable under a workload.

Dedicated QA Team

We provide efficient, expert QA services that allow you to focus on your company's priorities.

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A2 Design Software Testing Domain Expertise

Domain expertise is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account when hiring a quality assurance testing services company. Our QA specialists have in-depth knowledge of many different industries and can become familiar with projects more quickly as a result.

Maximizing Success: Unlocking the Benefits of Professional Quality Assurance Services

We are passionate about quality and love to test

On-Demand Testing

For immediate help with testing your software, we have a bench team of talented Test Engineers available for on-demand quality assurance services.

No Minimum Contract

We do not require our clients to sign a long-term contract.

You can pay by the hour / day / week if that's more convenient for you, or choose to pay us on a monthly recurring basis. In any case, we'll provide premium quality work without tying you down in an unsustainable agreement.

Dedicated Team

A successful software testing project requires everyone to work together from the beginning.

That's why we assign a dedicated project manager and test team members chosen specifically for your project based on their domain expertise.

Read more about our project management services .

Complete Transparency

We maintain complete transparency throughout your journey with us, starting from contract phase to project completion. We will itemize our pricing, provide reliable cost estimates and constant communication—so that you can stay up-to-date on the status of your project at all times.

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We wanted to automate our business and reduce administrative costs. A2 Design developed multiple components for us: Sales CRM, mobile drivers app, invoicing and dispatching modules, and much more. A2 used agile approach to cater for our ever-changing and growing needs and developed a software that allowed us to face everyday challenges! They were very helpful so the project was very successful.

John Estrada


First of all I'm very satisfied. Words can not express my satisfaction and the professional work from Alex, the head of A2 Design Team. But not only the work was superb, the contact, the conversations, the UNDERSTANDING and the good portion of humanity was the key to successful job. Next time I don't need to look, I already found the right person for every job. RESPECT!

John Macintosh


Very fast and effective work, met all my expectations and much more. A very competent team, who I definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you very much!

Andrew Hersch

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad to answer your questions about our Quality Assurance services.

  • When is automation testing relevant? >

    Automation testing is a viable option in the case of large-scale, complex projects that undergo frequent changes.

  • Which is better: automated or manual testing? >

    Both types of testing have their advantages and their disadvantages. While manual testing requires a person to check every aspect of the application, automated testing occurs after all initial development has been completed.

    These two types of testing are related but serve slightly different purposes: the first type is best for use during development while the second type is useful to ensure that no functionality breaks during ongoing development.

  • Automated testing costs too much. Do I really need it? >

    Automated testing can initially seem like a pricey endeavor, but it quickly pays for itself by freeing up people to focus on more important things and improvements.

    The code will be easier to maintain, and fewer revisions are needed. Code changes will cost less because tests can be reused when the source code is altered.

  • How QA works in agile? >

    While working in agile, QA engineer works with the development team, owner and other members of the project team in order to make the project as fast as possible, not only testing the software and finding defects.

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