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Custom Jewelry Design and Quote Tool

Custom Jewelry Design and Quote Tool is a great illustration of how technologies can enhance and boost up your business.

Let's have a more detailed look at this case. Our customer has a family jewelry business and strives to optimise costs by giving the most precise price of customized, handmade jewelry items. For the years of experience cost estimate of item production given by the shop employees faced a mismatch with the final cost of the product being more expansive despite having loads of accurate documentation as estimation hints. As a result, it was either inaccurate or drawn-out leading to profit or customer loss for respective reasons.

The customer contacted us with an idea to substitute all the employee-made calculations with a program that will serve as an automatic quote tool to produce the most accurate price of a customised product according to client’s criteria requests.


  • Goal: Proof of Business Concept: Build a Jewelry Quote Tool for customized jewelry items for internal use
  • Approach: Agile project development methodology
  • Team: 1 developer, 1 quality assurance specialist, 1 project manager
  • Stack technology: Laravel, Vue.js
  • Duration: 3 months
Output of 1st iteration:
  • Product that allows to calculate the most precise cost of a customized jewelry item
  • Proof of concept
  • Customer retention

It’s a tool for stores to get a quote for a jewelry item according to its significant features such as shape and design elements.

  • jewelry quotes
  • jewelry quotes
  • jewelry quotes

While the user goes through the steps of making choices regarding given features, calculations are made using preset values on the back-end which finally results in a quote, which can be downloaded in a PDF format.

jewelry quotes
jewelry ewelry pdf

Obtaining the main goal of the project met the best expectations, resulting in the fastening of the estimation process and making quotation more accurate. The tool improved business performance by increasing business profit by 20%.

Such positive product output inspired our client to another great business idea: to share this effective tool with other people in the jewelry business sphere. So the main goal of the next development step was to add ability for user registration.


  • Goal: The Jewelry Quote Tool to become a platform suggesting a digital product on a subscription basis
  • Approach: Agile project development methodology
  • Team: 2 developers, 1 quality assurance specialist, 1 project manager
  • Stack technology: Laravel, Vue.js
  • Duration: 3 months
Output of 2nd iteration:
  • Product that allows users to register and have access to the calculator
  • Add a checklist for communication with CAD designer (upload of images with desired design)

After the second product release it turned out that business costs vary even in the same sphere. So the next step was to make the product more customizable. The next requirement was to make the costs editable in order to increase quote accuracy. Precision allows customers to set calculation rules and values perfectly suitable for the business.


  • Goal: Transparency for cost evaluation: set individual manufacturing cost, set individual marginal cost and other values.
  • Approach: Agile project development methodology
  • Team: 2 developers, 1 quality assurance specialist, 1 project manager
  • Stack technology: Laravel, Vue.js
  • Duration: 1.5 months
Output of the 3rd iteration:
  • Editable calculation rules
  • Editable calculation values

The quote calculation is comprised out of two types of settings in the user profile:

General Settings are here to set the rules of the calculations, which will be applied to all quotes made from the account, such as

jewelry designing

Advanced Settings, allow you to put customized measures in the actual calculation of the item.

There are 4 variables along with different design steps.

For example, the first step “What are we designing today?” includes CAD labour and Jeweller labour criteria with changeable values to best suit the business needs.

jewelry designing

As a result, we have an updated custom jewelry design and quote tool that now performs individual customer item calculations based on personalised preset values.

To be continued ...

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