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Horse Sport Events Management Web Platform

Horse Sport Events Management Web Platform for Campdrafting is a platform for unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider controlling a beast around a course. The platform allows various users to manage the entire process from the sporting administration body, to an event organiser and as a participant nominating in the events.

Eight members of the A2 Design team are currently working at the platform to develop the main site backend, frontend, and desktop app. The team consists of 6 fullstack developers (CakePHP, Laravel, Vue.js), a project manager, and QA.



  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • HTML/CSS/jQuery

Business Goals

The main goal of the project was to develop a functional platform where the participants of the competition are able to be nominated and the secretaries are able to process their nominations.

When this goal was reached, we aimed at greater achievements, and the next stage of work was devoted to the integration of the two platforms - the initially developed app and the association platform.


Business Challenge

Before the A2 Design had started to work with the platform it was built with CakePHP and the association platform with Laravel and Vue.js. The main challenge was to combine two platforms built with different technologies, to make these two sites a single unit for end-users in a short time.


The solution

Time and effort-wise, the A2 Design team and the client decided that conversion of both platforms to use the same technology would be over-engineering and we decided to integrate platforms instead. Our team has unified branding and navigation, and implemented end to end authorization. So the system looks seamless to the user. A user can navigate through both platforms by logging in only on one of them.

The functionality of the platform has been implemented by adding different user roles and creating dashboards for each of them.

There are several user roles:

  • admin
  • committee secretary
  • secretary only
  • member
  • volunteer



The admin is the one who moderates the activity of the secretaries, decides whether the sports event, drafts will be held or not, the secretaries create events and the admin decides to publish it or not.

Committee secretary

The secretary is the person who is responsible for organizing the sports events, he creates event’s competitions, and processes applications submitted by participants. And the committee secretary decides who is admitted and who is not. He can also act as a member and submit nominations.

Drafts creation


Drafts, Events, Nominations management


Secretary only

The secretary only is the person who is responsible for organizing the competition, he creates drafts and events.

Adding horses


The list of horses


The member has one of the main features, he can monitor the progress of the competition. The secretary puts points during the event and participants can watch the event leaderboard changing online.




The volunteer is also a participant who does not need to purchase a subscription, he is not a full member of the association, but he can participate in the tournament, not on a permanent basis.



In the process of work we have achieved certain successes:

  • A2 Design has developed a functional horse sport events management web platform that has different user roles with unique features, and where the participants of the competition are able to be nominated and the secretaries are able to process their nominations;
  • Successfully integrated two platforms built with different technologies, and made them seamless for end-users;
  • The integrated version was released back in September 2021 and the team continues to meet the client's expectations by adding new features and maintaining a unified application.
William Fordyce

William Fordyce

Director, EDA (Campdraft Aus)

We have worked with A2 over many years and have always been happy with their suite of services. They have assisted across a multitude of development and integration tasks.

Initially, A2 Design Inc has been completely transparent and has delivered on time. The team's efficient workflow is handled by the project manager, and then information is passed on to the development team. They have been praised for being great to work with.


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