• Client: MadPaws Start-up
  • Industry: Pet Services
  • Location: Australia

On-Demand Dog Walking Marketplace


Find trusted, local Pet Sitters with Australia’s leading Pet Sitting Community

Core Technologies:

  • Laravel
  • React.js
  • Ionic
  • WordPress


On-Demand Dog Walking Marketplace

  • MadPaws is an on-demand dog walking marketplace that was created for pet owners and pet sitters. It’s a marketplace with all sorts of pet services, from dog walking  to pet day care. The app allows you to find a pet sitter with only one click. Whether you’re planning an overseas trip, a weekend break, or an overnight getaway, your Mad Paws Pet Sitter will care for your furry friend while you’re away.
  • Or if you’re interested in knowing how to become a certified Pet Sitter, you could ‌create a Pet Sitting profile, which will allow you to offer Pet House Sitting, Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet Day Care, and many other services.
    As a Pet Sitting professional, you will choose which services you offer. You can also decide whether you want to care for pets in your home or the pet’s home.
  • Client & product

    Mad Paws is a Sydney-based start up that was created to fill in the ever growing need in the pet boarding market for affordable, and local pet accommodation while still maintaining the care, love, and attention pets received at high-end, expensive, pet boarding services.

    • MadPaws assists pet owners in finding passionate and trusted local pet sitters when they have to go away.
    • Create a safe, affordable and efficient way to find the best sitters in local, trusted neighborhoods that will give you the peace of mind that your pet is having as much fun away as you do.
  • Challenges

    A2 Design took over the project when it was in bad shape. Back in 2014, the previous development team had started building the project using Laravel 4, which quickly became outdated.

    It was too resource intensive to maintain the project because of the outdated framework.

    As MadPaws forged ahead, website updates were required: new features, integration with different services, etc.

    At one point, it became obvious that the process of achieving the required functionality with the technologies on which the platform had been built was not efficient.

    The main challenges identified by the MadPaws team were:

    • Outdated technology (Laravel 4)
    • The original development team’s slow responsiveness to change requests
    • Poor website performance (slow page loading speed, slow search)

    Having identified a Framework Upgrade as the main objective, the MadPaws team reached out to A2 Design for assistance.

  • Job done

    A2 Design made every effort to achieve maximum efficiency. As a remote web development provider for many companies and startups, A2 Design holds regular voice/video meetings with our partners; however, we rarely get a chance to meet each other in person. This comes as no surprise given the fact that our clients are located in different parts of the world! However, the MadPaws project was exceptional in this regard.

    The A2 Design Team has achieved the following goals while working on the project:

    • Technology stack upgrade:

      Using the Ionic Framework for mobile apps, which is one of the top choices for cross-platform application development.

      Enabled the product owner to manage different areas of the app, e.g admin could send notifications to users, download system reports, generate promo codes etc.

    • Better site performance achieved in the face of the increasing number of registered users and bookings made through the marketplace.
    • Timely delivery of technical solutions aimed to support new MadPaws partnerships.
    • over 300 000 registered pets
    • over 20 000 active pet sitters

Our team

To cope with all the field specific challenges. Brocoders assembled a self-motivated team of seasoned professionals with of software development expertise:

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Booking flow

  • Pet owners can easily find and book a pet sitter on the website or using a mobile app. The updated search flow provides a range of available sitters in accordance with the set parameters. Pet owners are able to contact prospective sitters sending a booking request and then communicating via the chat in the website or the mobile app.
  • Before the start of the booking owners make a payment held in escrow and released to sitters after a successful completion of booking.
site-preview site-preview

Updated Pet Profile

Pet Owners are now able to provide full information about their pets including their behaviour, walking and feeding habits, as well as the medical treatment (if needed). This information helps pet sitters make an early and reasonable understanding of pet behaviour and habits to be able to provide good services (and potentially reduce the time for the Meet&Greet). The fully completed Pet Profile also serves as a comprehensive guidance to pet sitters.

site-preview site-preview

Updated Search for Sitters

  • Finding a good and appropriate sitter is one of the key factors, so the updated search functionality and updated search page service to this purpose. Users are able to select the service type they look for, set the location and the pet type, and enter the dates when the service is needed. The updated search results page will immediately list all available sitters matching the entered search parameters.
  • Pet owners are able to view the main information about pet sitters, including the distance, price and star rating. They can also see if the sitter is available at high season. If they got interested, they can open a sitter profile page to check additional information and send a booking enquiry.
site-preview site-preview

More exciting features and collaborations in progress!

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