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Tours and Attractions Search and Booking Platform

Sightsy is a US-based startup that specializes in tours and activities.

Eight members of the A2 Design Team are currently working with representatives from Sightsy to develop the back end (Laravel framework) and front end of the main site.

In addition, our expert developers here at A2 Design have programmed a special app that will facilitate the integration of a payment device supported by C#. This App has been specifically designed to support tours and attractions search and booking platform in its mission to provide members of its target market with the information and services they need to maximize their city experiences.



Meet our team: Team Lead, Project Manager, 4 Backend Developers, 1 Frontend Developer, 1QA.

We have chosen 8 specialists among our staff and created Agile team which was able to develop the platform in a short period of time. Despite the difficult solutions that were needed to be carried out, the team coped with this task in 6 months. SightSy is among those cases when the estimation coincides with the implemented work.



Users have already shared positive feedback on the advantages of the tours and attractions search and booking platform and its inclusion of rich filtering options. The platform tools help visitors to research, discover, and experience everything their city has to offer by leveraging data and machine learning to generate personalized recommendations, thereby allowing people to spend more time enjoying a city and less time researching what’s on offer.

The platform is fully compatible with mobile devices, and users can receive and use vouchers via their phones to access deals and services without needing to print tickets, vouchers, and invoices.



Sightsy is a useful tool for both the end user and business partners. Commercial enterprises have a wide range of opportunities available through which they can tap into Sightsy’s marketing power and reach to sell their products using three types of payment system: cash, credit card, or special payment device.

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