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Effective SEO: The Two Sides of Search Engine Optimization

It’s important to understand that there are two different sides to SEO: onsite and offsite.

SEO helps to promote your website in order to boost the number of clients the website receives from search engines.Everyone is concerned with how they can ensure their website ranks highly in the search engine rankings. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in handy.

Be aware that the wrong strategy can bury your website deep where no one will ever find it.

The Internet is becoming extremely competitive and it is therefore critical that you employ an effective SEO strategy, otherwise you may just miss out. IT experts are not over exagerating when they say that search engine traffic alone can determine the success of an enterprise.

Onsite optimization

Onsite optimization means that certain areas of the website itself are tailored specifically to appeal to search engines. This is achieved by using the following techniques:

  • semantic HTML markup
  • page load speed
  • wise use of images
  • XML sitemap
  • friendly URLs
  • keywords reach content

A2 Design deals with the technical aspect of the SEO process and always ensures that onsite optimization is performed correctly.

Without effective onsite optimization many websites will be invisible to search engines and will not attract any organic trafficThe way people see the page and the way the search engine sees it differs greatly, so understanding the abilities and limitations of search engines allows us to build a site that attracts the search engine robots.

Offsite optimization

There is a different aspect to SEO that is equally as important: offsite optimization (such as press release promotion, classifieds submission, ad campaigns, link exchange, etc.) Enterprises resort to it when an additional marketing boost is required. Offsite optimization is a science on its own and there are many companies that specialize solely in this type of promotion.

Build a Website for People

Don’t forget that a user-friendly website provides the best foundation for effective SEO. More and more search engines consider user behavior on the website in their ranking algorithms. The time users spend on the website, how many pages they visit etc. become crucial factors in determining how a given site appears in the search engine rankings.

Here are a few guidelines you should bear in mind if you are looking to improve your site’s ranking:

  • It should provide useful content,
  • it should be easy to use and navigate,
  • it should be professionally designed and developed to work with modern browsers.

Unless these requirements are met, no sophisticated offsite SEO strategy will ever help your site to succeed.

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Updated 28th October 2019