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Why Should You Use Agile Software Development Methodology?

Here at A2 Design, we know what every entrepreneur needs. We are certain that every startup’s goal is to build and launch their project as quickly as possible.

We specialize in delivering projects that involve a big scope and we utilize a time-proven methodology, an efficient approach and significant expertise and experience to achieve maximum results with minimum expense.

There are many different ways to organize software development and agile software development represents just one of them. However, we favor an approach that utilizes agile software development for a number of reasons:

No waste

When an agile software development approach is employed the project is built in phases. The first phase involves constructing the most important functionality and then more features are added or the system is improved during later iterations.

Because the highest priority tasks are always completed first, there is no risk that money or time will be wasted.


No matter how thorough your planning is, there will always be some hidden rocks and unforeseeable events that may completely change the course of action. Let’s say you change your priorities after gaining user feedback, or perhaps you discovered another feature that should be implemented as a priority.

Unfortunately, traditional methods of development aren’t flexible and don’t allow changes to be readily implemented. An agile approach on the other hand can deal with changes to requirements without any problems.

Right Start

The very beginning of the project is the time when all involved parties know the least about the full scope of the development. When traditional methodologies are used to develop the product, it is critical that all decisions are made before the work begins and these decisions are then set in stone for the entire project span. This is not always practical and it can complicate things and produce suboptimal results.

With an agile approach, you are not forced to make decisions that are expected to last the entire project lifespan. You deal with a small bit of the project at a time. As the development progresses, you gain more insights into what the project truly involves and the best decisions will come more naturally.

Good enough

With a traditional approach to development you work on the entire project on a phase-by-phase basis as follows: specifications -> design -> development -> QA. Each of the phases should be perfectly complete before you can progress to the next one.

In this case, you spend lots of time and money perfecting one layer of an incomplete system. Why invest your precious time making every little button look perfect when you have yet to construct the functionality and you don’t even know if the project will succeed? Isn’t it safer to test the waters first and implement the design once the project has launched?

Modern development tools offer lots of great solutions to make your project look good without spending too much time on custom design upfront.

Early feedback

As we said earlier, it’s important to launch a project quickly because this provides you with early feedback, which is often an eye opener.

Sadly, many entrepreneurs spend lots of time and money building amazing features only to find out that users don’t want them. Such a waste of resources could have been easily avoided if an agile approach to development had been employed.

Ongoing evolution

Once the project is launched, we pay close attention to user feedback and implement it in real time.

With an agile approach there’s no special transition from development stage to maintenance — the project is always in ongoing evolution mode.

Better price

Even though fixed-budget projects look safer and cheaper on the surface, in reality they are anything but. It’s no secret that fixed-priced projects include quite a lot of buffer costs to cover risks.


It’s an absolute must for the product owner to be highly involved when an agile approach is employed. It takes time, but the results really do pay off. Close collaboration between the development team and the business owner creates the best results.

At A2 Design we have weekly meetings with our clients to brainstorm ideas and discuss work for the next iteration.

It’s time for change

All in all, traditional development methods become more and more outdated. Who needs a risky and expensive approach when agile software development offers a great solution?

Applying agile methodologies when launching a new project or service will help you reduce development costs, minimize market risks and greatly decrease your failure rate.

A2 Design will guide you through the whole development process to ensure that your experiences with us are productive and effective.

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Updated 3rd April 2023