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Why you Should Outsource

Having worked with many companies and individuals, here at A2 Design we have realized that people tend to view outsourcing in a negative light. Many consider outsourcing development work to be risky and are normally afraid to work with external providers.

The word outsourcing itself has a certain social stigma, and when somebody mentions the prospect of outsourcing development work, people tend to imagine a self-taught individual sitting in a smelly hut teeming with bugs and snakes. The code he writes is by trial and error.

However, outsourcing work has quite a few virtues. The biggest challenge is finding a professional team to outsource to. However, once you’ve done this, you can expect to yield a lot of benefits.

Access to Additional Resources

There may be times when you have more work than you can handle. In order to take care of the sudden overflow of work, you will probably consider recruiting additional manpower. However, hiring a new competent in-house developer isn’t easy. It’s especially challenging if you need someone urgently but don’t know how to identify whether or not a potential provider is a good developer. What’s more, looking for the right person takes time; by the time you manage to find someone decent, the job may already be gone.

Having a proven outsource developer(s) on hand can be a lifesaver. Not only will a professional outsourcing company handle any overflow work, they will also be responsible for QA testing. The only thing you need to do is provide clear specifications and then reap the benefit of the work.


In our fast-paced world, the economy dictates the rules we live by. It’s expensive to have a development team available locally: you have to pay for the office space, salaries, perks, taxes and sick-leave; educate employees; and reward them for good work… the list goes on.

Finding an outsourcing team that is right for you might look easier than it actually is. However, the time is worth the effort: think about all the money you can save.


Once you find a team you can work with in the long run, then you should concentrate on bringing in more work, outsourcing more and making more money.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it all comes down to finding the right team to outsource to. They may be half a globe away from you, but you need a team you can rely on. Of course, it all starts with building mutual trust.


If you already have a brand that people trust, why not utilize it to make some extra profit without investing in infrastructure or creating new technology around the solution.

Other benefits

A good outsourcing team should be able to offer everything that you can find from a standard provider.

Professionalism: With evolution comes division of labour. And it’s there for a reason. One person can never provide the same quality of work that a professional team would. Everyone has their strong suits — so why not put them to use, brainstorm ideas and build a first-rate product.

Brainpower: No matter how talented the person is, he or she can never be equally talented in all aspects of work: back-end differs greatly from front-end and design.

With A2 Design you get the whole package: a dedicated team will work on your project: project manager + front-end developers + back-end developers + designer + quality assurance department.

Convenience: project managers will make sure that everything runs smoothly and deadlines are met.

Consistent service: outsource your development work to a professional team and you are assured predictable results and high-quality deliverables. Outsourcing work doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking; on the contrary, it should not involve any surprises.

It’s your decision, our dear reader, whether to outsource or not. But now, having some additional information up your sleeve, at least now you can make an informed decision.

Updated 28th October 2019