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Shredding Business Automation ERP System

Maximum automatization!

Shredex System is a shredding business automation ERP system that was created with an idea to build a paperless business automation system that helps an enterprise manage and automate their business. The system deals with different aspects of business and accountancy such as customer accounting, orders records, issuing invoices, payment control and creation of all sorts of records.


Consistent user experience for three different type of users: managers, clients and drivers

The system had to provide consistent user experience to the users accessing it. This presented another issue of organizing different levels of access for users and providing them with different rights

Large number of users

The Shredex company has become Toronto’s largest company dealing with the paper waste. It was a challenge to build a shredding business automation ERP system that encompassed already big and growing needs of the company. The clientele database alone has reached almost one hundred thousand.

Efficient content management

Because of the large number of users and the information stored in the database, the dynamic information had to be efficiently processed and quickly reached without any delays.

High levels of security

Clients provide their private information, including credit cards information. The application held private information (including credit cards) and we, at A2 Design, had to ensure that abuse was prevented and private information was safe.

Real-time updates and synchronization

Shredex System had to have on­the­fly capability of creation of new clients and orders, while all the changes to the previous information as well as new one had to be stored in the cache­memory (locally) if there was no connection to the Internet. And once the system gets online, all the changes should be enabled to synchronize with the main database.


Holistic Project Management

We used leading methodologies and tools to manage and execute the project. To maintain our high-quality standards, we used Basecamp for project management, DoneDone for test management, and JIRA for online bug reporting.


We believe in the values of specialization of labor. That’s why we created a dedicated team for the project.

  • Project manager
  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Designer
  • Quality assurance department

Easy Communication

Considering the scope of the project, we understood the necessity of transparent communication, which involved daily status reports, weekly calls between Shredex representatives and our project manager. Customer’s feedback was quickly taken aboard and implemented.

QA Testing

We understand the importance of manual testing, that’s why a whole quality assurance department was involved in the process.


Agile Development Methodology

We have dwelled a lot of attention to underlining the advantages of this approach.
In a nutshell, we had to recourse to it in order to meet the tight deadline of the project. The agile methodology helps to always stay in control of the projects, especially of such big scope, thanks to its short delivery cycles.

Functionality in iterations

The shredding business automation ERP system has been under development for 2 years. New functionality is constantly being added and the whole system is being improved. That’s why delivering specific features in specific sprints allows once again to be always in control over such a big project.

Address auto-completion and Google Maps integration

The system is integrated with Google Maps and Google GEO-location (built-in address auto-completion).
Once the client’s billing/ shipping address is entered, the systems automatically places the map to the clients page.
The button “Get Directions” helps to see the route from the Shredex’s to the client’s office.


We designed and built clean and intuitive UI that provides each type of user a personalized view of the information.

Bulk actions

If customers orders are recurrent and consistent, it’s possible to create bulk orders, jobs, invoices.

Payment gateway integration

The third-party payment gateway, Beanstream was implemented. It provided a robust and secure payment transaction mechanism.

Downloadable Documents

All the information about

  • clients
  • orders
  • jobs
  • routes and maps

can be downloaded as a pdf document.

Different type of users

There are three types of users:

  • Company’s manager
  • Client
  • Driver

Every type of user gets a restricted access to different parts of the system.

Moreover, the system encoumpasses two podsystems conected with the same database.

Third Party Integration

We used a popular service Twilio for text messaging integration.


3 in 1 services for rich user experience

There is a main system described above.

The inhouse system for taking orders.

Drivers have a stand-alone phone application that is used for:

  • getting easy directions
  • inputting information about the
    status of delivery
  • getting a customer’s signature

Project management indicators

The Shredex System has a ton of clear progress indicators, reminders and priorities - that are used to keep the project on track:
Job Status is changed from in transit to completed Invoices status is changed automatically from not paid to paid once the customer makes a payment. Moreover, automatic payment reminders are sent out to customers.

Paperless business
cost effectiveness

Shredex was able to reduce the paper usage to a minimum thanks to the create system and subsystems, which eventually resulted in significant cost savings for Shredex.

Contract Builder

The system has a very convenient and quick way to build contracts.
It offers typical paragraphs which can be mixed and matched. Once the contract is ready, the user can export it to pdf-document or print.


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