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How COVID-19 Affected The Way We Work?

COVID-19 has been a big issue for a range of companies: some of them are at risk to get closed as they lost their profit and can’t cover their costs. Our company also faced some difficulties, however, right now we can definitely say that not only did the Coronavirus made us see our weak spots but also allowed to notice new directions to stick to.

We learned how to work remotely

We used to think that though we worked with customers from all over the world our team needed to stay in office. However, Coronavirus showed us that we have powerful and effective tools to organise working process remotely without any negative impact on our current projects. Some of our employees mark that they started to work more efficiently as they don’t spend a lot of time on commuting and so on.

We tried new tools to work online

We have been testing a range of new tools to communicate with our clients and each other. For example, we started to use Zoom a lot for our daily meetings. We can definitely say that it’s just as efficient as the real ones. Later we also decided to establish informal meetings once a week so our employees could talk about personal stuff – kind of a replacement for our coffee breaks and lunch talks. 

We explored new hobbies

Staying home seemed to be frustrating at first as we used to work in office, have a walk and go to the downtown on Fridays. It occurred later that being home was not frustrating at all as we finally could have some time to think about our hobbies and interests. For example, some of our developers started to paint, play the piano or do some sports activities.

We continued to enhance our skills

Coronavirus is not an excuse to stop learning new things. Our developers have been working with a range of new projects: some of them improved their skills while the others started to get engaged into new technologies. Besides, our company had a lot of meetings during of which our developers discussed new IT trends, shared their experience and continued to get better at web development in general.

COVID-19 is not a good thing for the world, but it’s important to adapt to the new reality and take as much as you can from it. We believe that these tough times made us realise a lot in terms of working process and got us more competitive on the market as we found out a lot about new ways to conduct business and project management. Right now we are successfully working with our current projects and are ready for the new ones to come.

Updated 11th August 2020